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My office is located at 725 W Central, Suite 210, Missoula, MT 59801. I am available for appointments late afternoon and evening M-F. I accept Medicaid and most insurances.

Telephone: 406-544-8966

Background Information:
Licensure & Degrees: LCPC; MA in Counseling and EdS in Counseling

My Expert Service: I can help you gain insights into your life and realize often we are the ones who restrict our possibilities. I believe in spiritual growth and change. To me the butterfly symbolizes how we come out of the dark places in our lives to become more beautiful. We grow stronger around the broken places.

Experience & Qualifications: I believe spirituality is important as well as respecting each person's own process. I am a recovering alcoholic and am grateful for the twelve steps and what I have personally learned in recovery. I have over 20 years in the counseling field as both a school counselor and private professional counselor working with all age groups.

"Must Read" Book on Brain


Magnificent Mind at Any Age by Daniel G Amen, M.D. (Harmony Books: New York, 2008)

Developing a healthy brain is really what it's all about: "how you think, how you feel, how you interact with others and how well you succeed in realizing your goal and dreams" depends on a healthy brain.

What about the impact of video games on our brains:

"The constant use of video games, so common among our children, teens, and young adults, is another potentially serious source of the problem. Many people play for hours at a time, to the detriment of their responsibilities, and some even go through withdrawal symptoms when they are not allow to play or stop. A brain imaging study published in the journal Nature helps to explain why. While a group of people played action video games, researchers took positron emission tomography scans to see which parts of the brain video games activated. They saw increased activity in the basal ganglia, where dopamine works. Other researchers have discovered that cocaine and methamphetamine also work in this part of the brain. Video games bring pleasure and focus by increasing dopamine. The problem is that the more dopamine released during video games, the less that is available later on to do regular life tasks, such as schoolwork, homework, or chores." (Amen, p. 212)

How to Deal with Stress


Help for Anxiety

This site is very helpful if you are struggling with panic attacks or anxiety is interfering with your functioning.

Insights about You

Here are some interesting self-tests from Spirituality and Health Magazine:
Take this survery:

Depression is very treatable. See your doctor or a mental health professional for further assessment and treatment.

The longer depression is untreated, the more damage it does to your life including your physical health. Depression is a biochemical disease that can be treated in a variety of ways: medications, exercise, counseling, lifestyle changes. Don't wait. Seek help immediately.


Check this out and start with seed 1:

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