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Questions about Counseling?

Why counseling?
How to find the right counselor?

Do's and Don'ts for Divorced Parents

Save your child(ren) unnecessary hurt by following some do's and don'ts:

Online Counseling

I am available to do online counseling by phone or email. Visit me at at:

Entering the Internet Era

We learn from everyone who travels our path. In this case, I have learned how to travel the information highway from my sons. My older son has had the patience to teach me how to set up a web page and blog; my younger son sends me video emails for the new year. I am just excited to be part of the whole internet experience where everyone on this planet can be connected; after all isn't connections what life is all about.

Learning something new at first seems overwhelming and time-consuming but after I trudged a little, I caught on and am now blogging along in the fast lane. I hope you are enjoying your trip on the net wherever it takes you. Life is a trip.

Inspirational Websites

Visit Deborah Milton's creative path to healing website:

Explore the mandala as a map for understanding the universe and the landscape of the soul:

Recommended Reading

This is my list of recommended readings...

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